establishment of the unit's housing provident fund account-尊龙凯时人生就博官网登录

establishment of the unit's housing provident fund account

i. scope of application:

the state organs, state-owned enterprises, urban collective enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, urban private enterprises and other urban enterprises, institutions, non-governmental non-enterprise units, social organizations and other units within this municipality shall, within 30 days as of the date of establishment, go through the procedures for the establishment of the housing accumulation fund account of the units.

ii. handling place:

shanghai  provident  fund  management  center  business  network.

iii. requirements:

complete and affixed with the official seal of the company "shanghai housing provident fund account establishment form".

iv. procedures:

provided by the unit - shanghai provident fund management center business outlets to review and handle.

v. time limit for handling:

if all the procedures are complete, they shall be completed on the spot.


★the unit's housing accumulation fund account establishment business has been opened online.

1. handling channel:company provident fund online business handling system (web version).

2. application conditions:use the legal person certificate or electronic business license to log in.

3. time limit:on the spot.