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on-the-spot meeting convened in shanghai on nationwide hpf hotline

the on-the-spot meeting on nationwide hpf hotline 12329 was convened in shanghai on november 1, with a total of 130 participants including responsible persons from hpf supervision departments of various provinces and autonomous regions as well as hpf management centers of some cities.

an opening ceremony was held at the meeting for launching of hpf hotline 12329 of shanghai. vice mayor of shanghai shen jun, head of mohurd’s hpf surveillance department zhang qiguang, and director of shanghai municipal urban-rural construction and transportation commission huang rong attended the ceremony and pressed the button signifying the opening of hpf hotline 12329 of shanghai.

after review and approval by ministry of industry and information technology (miit), ministry of housing and urban-rural development (mohurd) issued “announcement on opening of hpf hotline 12329”(df2012-143) and “guidelines for services of hpf hotline 12329” in september this year mainly to protect paying employees’ legitimate rights to information, participation, expression and supervision, enhance transparency and social supervision of housing provident fund administration, ensure its security and effective use, develop its service functions, upgrade administrative efficiency and service standard, and provide paying employees with efficient and convenient services. housing provident fund service hotline 12329 shall mainly resort to human voice to provide extension services by means of human voices and self-service such as service instructions, queries, and submission handling, as well as basic services including consultation, customer complaints resolutions and suggestions, and customer feedback survey. according to the requirements in the announcement, provident fund management centers currently facilitated with hotlines shall replace existing hotlines with the new hotline 12329 prior to the end of the year 2012, and improve hpf hotline 12329 as per requirements of “service guidelines”. as for those cities not yet facilitated with the hotline, preparations should be made according to the actual local situation for eventual opening of hpf hotline 12329.

representatives from shanghai provident fund management center briefed on construction and operational management of hpf hotline facility of shanghai. all meeting participants visited the call center of hpf hotline of shanghai 12329.