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service time of outlets and channels to be extended after national holidays

it has been decided by shanghai provident fund management center (spfmc), shanghai branch of china construction bank (ccb) and shanghai estate guaranty co.,ltd.(seg) that provident fund service outlets and channels shall partially extend service time to include saturday as workday starting october 8 of 2012 (except public holidays), for more convenience of citizens of this municipality and in compliance with recent government resolutions. excerptions of the details are listed below:
1. service outlets
service outlets initiating to open for public service on saturday (service hours: 9:00~11:30 in the morning and 1:00~4:30 in the afternoon) include
(1) spfmc’s service outlets of huangpu division, xuhui division and pudong division’s representative service outlet at dongfang road.
(2) ccb’s huangpu sub-branch, xuhui sub-branch and dongfang road sub-branch, and
(3) seg’s offices at yangpu, hongkou, pudong,  jing’an, changning, huangpu, xuhui, minhang, zhabei, putuo and baoshan.
2. service channels
service channels through phones and website include
(1) spfmc’s service phone line of 62441200 and seg’s service phone line of 62866677, operator service available from 9:00am to 5:00pm monday through saturday,
(2) cbb’s service phone line of 95533, accessible 24 hours a day,  and
(3) shanghai housing provident fund (shpf) website’s online consulting service (online q&a), accessible 24 hours a day